Use Music to Get You through Pain


Use Music to Get You through Pain

Posted OnDecember 2, 2017 0

Everyone has a different type of music they enjoy listening to. Some may like upbeat Pop, while others may enjoy listening to classical music. It makes us feel relaxed both mentally and physically, but did you know that music can be a great support for pain relief? Yes, that is right! The power of music to heal pain has also attracted attention from scientists, who have been researching its benefits. Studies have proven that music can be an effective pain reliever, both on its own, as well as with various types of therapy.

Now that we know music is used in pain relief, we need to know more about how and why it has the effects that it does. The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as, “an unpleasant experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” According to Dr. Anthony Komaroff from Harvard Medical School, music has great potential to improve patient’s mental function after strokes. It helps improve balance and coordination in patients, as well as alleviate high heart rate and blood pressure.

Listening to music helps to relieve anxiety, ease stress, reduce depression and help improve your sleep. The above mentioned are just a few benefits of music and how it can help alleviate mental and physical pain. Visit Health to learn more about pain relief and how music can help. This platform conducts various health related quizzes to make people aware of their health conditions, as well as providing an engaging way to learn about the health benefits of music and many other types of therapy.